My right hand is older than me (Pris avec Instagram)
Basilica dei Frari, Venice (Pris avec Instagram)
Torcello (Pris avec Instagram)
Colors (Pris avec Instagram)
Little fishermen’s houses in Burano (Pris avec Instagram)
Burano (Pris avec Instagram)

Our talented fashion editor, Katarina Jansdottir, is rising up and is now too busy to review collections for us.
So, we’re looking for a new fashion editor, and the post is immediately vacant. Don’t expect to be paid, we’d like to, but we don’t make any money for now.
On the other hand, you’ll have access to the Paris Fashion Week, and will have the opportunity to work for a serious and fun project.
If you’re into fashion (and by that we mean a magazines nerd, a person aware of every current designers’ names and works, aware of the industry and its different actors, with personal tastes and preferences), and if you think you can be this person, please reach out to postmaster@veinemagazine.fr .
We can’t wait to work with you !
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